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Reframing Your Relationships Coaching

You know you best. What works for you? If you prefer in-person and live in the Cleveland, OH area - let's connect over coffee. If you prefer a virtual meeting, let's schedule around your schedule. And exciting news.... group coaching is coming soon. 

To ensure I'm the right fit for you to reframe your relationships and reclaim YOU, let's set up a FREE clarity call. If I don't believe I'm the best fit for you, I'll refer you to another coach who I believe can best help. I truly care about the women I serve.

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In-person & Virtual

Discovery | Reframing | Reclaiming


In this initial session, I discover more about you and why you think the way you do. This is important because you have to unpack your thoughts and relationships before we can begin to reframe and rebuild. I will walk you through a soul scrub that will leave you with a fresh foundation on which to build.


The next step is to undo all negative mindsets and false narratives you've been operating with.  This involves undoing wrong thinking, unhealthy emotional habits and anything else that is detrimental to you seeing yourself in a positive light. You'll also examine the relationships in your life and determine the health of each and how you can redefine, reframe and rebuild.


This is the step where we reclaim your mindset so you're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day. You have a new foundation AND a new set of tools to navigate your life and enjoy your relationships through a new perspective. You reclaim YOU! 

Meet Ginny

Former client - forever friend

"I was caught in a negative cycle of hopelessness believing my family would never appreciate me and I kept waiting for my husband, stepkids and the other home to change. I didn't realize I had given my power away. Heather helped me to see each person in my stepfamily circle with clarity and compassion. I learned how to meet people where they are and to NOT make them responsible for MY happiness. When I learned how to redefine my relationships, it changed everything. I have peace. Somedays the chaos swirls around but I know what parts belong to me and I have finally found JOY in my life. I recommend Heather to all my friends. She speaks truth with love and compassion."   

(note not Ginny's real photo. I protect my clients autonomy).

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