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Here's What You Will Receive:

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Each coaching session is 75 minutes. You'll have set goals and work with Heather to create a roadmap that you will refer to as you learn to redefine relationships and reclaim your life.

  • Learn how to identify negative relational patterns and set boundaries you will enforce. 

  • You'll receive sample scripts created just for you as talking points for difficult conversations. 

  • No more being a doormat or waiting for someone else to change. You'll create the healthy change you need in your life.

  • You will identify faulty thinking patterns and create a healthy and positive mindset that enables you to find peace in your relationships.

  • ''In five sessions, I felt like a completely different person. I continued on monthly with Heather because I LOVE how she continues to help me reframe and reclaim!

    Athena, stepmom 5 years

    ''My heart was broke watching my wife and my kids at odds with one another. Heather taught my wife how to step back and re-evaluate. I saw the difference and had a session. Wow.''


    ''I got my smile back. I felt hopeless and lost. I was looking at everyone through a negative lens. I learned how to change that and it's changed everything.''

    Gena, mom of three, stepmom of 2

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