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you are not alone!  

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Let's Thrive Through the Holidays Together!

The holiday season can feel like an emotional minefield for us stepmoms, often leaving us just hoping to get through. But this year, let's change that narrative! It's time to say NO to mere survival and a resounding YES to thriving!

Break free from feeling stuck and discover real, practical strategies to navigate your role with grace and joy. Together, we'll step into the new year with emotional freedom. 

Ready to start thriving? Sign up for our FREE holiday guide, and secure your spot in our secure, supportive small group. Give yourself the gift of peace. It's time to reframe and reclaim your life. 

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You thought marrying a man with kids would be wonderful because you love your spouse and you embraced the role to help parent his kids. You have a big beautiful heart and surely he, the kids and the ex-spouse will see that and be grateful.  

...WRONG!! you are living a life you never anticipated!

I want to invite you to join our next small group: The Art of Reframing for Stepmoms. Here you will grow in community with other stepmoms who are struggling in their role. You will learn to untangle your emotional well-being from the words and actions of those who choose to see you in a negative light. You will learn the 10 truths about life in a stepfamily and how the chaos is NOT your fault.

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Here's What's you'll receive as part of the small group :

  • 2 weekly live group mentoring video sessions for 6 weeks (12 coaching calls)

  • The Art of Reframing for Stepmoms Workbook

  • Individual Onboarding Call AND Individual or Couple coaching call upon completion.

  • Limited class size to ensure small, safe environment.

  • Learn and grow in community. This is a proprietary platform (NOT Facebook group) and you'll have access to all the resources even after the small group ends.

  • ...and this is just to name a few!

    THe art of reframing small group mentoring experience is for you if:

  • You are tired of being tired in your role as stepmom.

  • You want to STOP ruminating on the ex-wife, the kids or your spouse. You want to break the negative thoughts and the conversations you have in your head.

  • You want your life back. You want renewed intimacy with your spouse. You want the dynamics in your stepfamily to loose their hold over your emotional well-being (and maybe even your physical health).


    THIS small group IS NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You don't want to get unstuck. 

  • You are not willing to do a deep dive on yourself. You'll be working on uncovering your core values, beliefs and attitudes and how they are in conflict with your current life.

  • Aren't ready to give yourself grace and heal. You will learn so much about the dynamics of stepfamily life and the contribution they make to your stress. It's not you my friend.

  • Meet stacey

    Photo and and name changed for privacy

    "I had been a stepmom for seven years. I had read books, listened to podcasts, tried coaching. It wasn't until I participated in Heather's small group that I truly felt a change. My husband feels it too. I learned why I was being triggered and how to not react to my triggers. I also gained friends for life."

    Now when my stepson doesn't clean his room or the ex-wife sends scathing texts - I'm not longer phased.


    MY less stress stepmoms 

    These are some of my stepmom clients I have worked with personally and have helped them learn how to untangle their emotional well-being from the words and actions of those who CHOOSE to view and treat them negatively.

    My perspective changed fast.. and with it my experience.

    Heather has a way of speaking truth wrapped in compassion. She helped me identify the root of my pain and by doing that I began addressing the right things. I never thought it was possible to be happy again in my family yet I am more joyful than ever. Her coaching works."

    Megan, stepmom since 2016

    I attended my stepson's event with no drama.

    I was at wit's end. My stepson's mom makes it very clear she wants me no where around. My stepson is hot and cold with me trying to keep mom happy. It's sad. It used to run me mad. Now, I use the strategies Heather taught, I know my SS and his mom are emotionally wounded and I no longer let them "bleed" on me."

    Stacey, stepmom since 202

    Just what I needed.

    I thought my marriage was over. Literally. I couldn't handle watching my stepkids and their mom walk all over my husband and him do nothing. He and I parent very differently. I learned so many skills and how to reframe how I look at my husband. Our kids are older now with "bigger issues" yet I'm more in love with my man than ever. These shifts changed everything for me."

    Dani, stepmom since 2010 (Ireland)

    Here's A SNEAKPEEK of What you'LL WORK ON IN the art of reframing small group for stepmoms:

  • You'll do a deep soul dive and identify your true pain points (hint: it's not about the eyeroll but the disrespect behind it).

  • You'll learn the fundamentals of reframing and practice using strategies taught.

  • You'll learn how to identify pain patterns and when and how to set boundaries around them. How to untangle your feelings from the facts of the situation and take your worth back from the words and actions of others.

  • You'll learn how to respond to chaos instead of react to it. How to take negative thoughts captive and stop ruminating over people and situations you cannot control.

  • ...and this is just to name a few!